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1.              Explain three different ways that could be used to present ideas to staff in the workplace and at least three factors that you should consider when choosing the best way of presenting ideas to staff.

2.              Assume you have had an idea about implementing a new workplace communication system at work called Slack whereby work teams communicate through a single, shared workspace making communication easier. Also, assume that you have overheard your Manager discussing this system with another colleague recently. However, you know that your team of staff are unfamiliar with the system.

Explain two different methods you would use to communicate your idea to your Manager and to your team, explaining how you would take into according to the differing familiarity with the concept in communicating your idea.

3.              Explain why communicating ideas in a personal setting and within the workplace may differ.

4.              Your Manager at work constantly blocks your ideas. Explain three reasons for his negative response to your ideas. Each reason should relate to your Manager’s values, beliefs and attitudes.

5.              Identify five skills and/or attributes that you consider are important for a person to have when participating in the development of ideas. For each skill or attribute you list, outline why you consider this skill or attribute to be important.

6.              Read the article at the following link and, in your own words, discuss two habits that assist people to discuss great ideas.


7.              Explain how storytelling can assist in communicating ideas.

8.              Explain two key storytelling techniques that can be used for communicating ideas.

9.              Describe the benefits and risks of the technique of humour in presentations or debates about ideas.

10.           Describe a benefit and a risk of sharing personal information in a presentation or debate.

11.           Describe two techniques that can be used to ensure that information provided during a presentation relevant to an audience.





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