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Question: 1 explain what paraphrasing means why is it important to...

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1.     Explain what ‘paraphrasing’ means. Why is it important to paraphrase instructions or requests from colleagues or patients?





2.     List at least three (3) barriers to communication that might need to be overcome.








3.     Describe a ‘closed question’ and provide an example.





4.     Describe an ‘open question’ and provide an example.





5.     What is ‘active’ listening?





6.     What is motivational interviewing and give an example of where you might use it?






7.     In resolving conflict, why is collaboration more effective than confrontation?






8.     Give an example of how each of the following influences communication:

a.     Emotional state




b.     Disability




c.     Health






9.     Use the list of words in the box to correct the following informal statements.

















Threw up


Would not wake up when I tried to make her


Lots of bleeding


Did a wee


Didn’t know what was going on


Couldn’t keep still


Wet their pants


Used rude and unpleasant language


Had a fit


Felt sick


Had a sugar hypo


Disturbed, worried




Keep an eye on


Jagged cut



10.  Write a short report on a client using at least five words from the box above.








11.  List two example of non-verbal communication and when you might use it.






12.  In the table below, identify five considerations when communicating with people from Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander cultures. The first line of the table is provided as an example.


Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people may say ‘yes’ even when they do not understand or agree.
















13.  If you have difficulties communicating with patients or colleagues from a different cultural background, from whom would you seek advice?





14.  Name 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of using translators in communicating with patients.


















15.  Describe a current influence which impacts on diversity within the Australian community and how it might impact on your work in health? For example, the public debate about same sex marriage could lead to patients being unwilling to disclose their sexual orientation.






16.  Identify a health related organisation that is known for great client service. Undertake some research and complete the following questions.

a.     Name of organisation




b.     How is the organisation funded?




c.     What are three promises that the organisation makes to their patients/customers?




d.     What are three responsibilities of patients/customers?




e.     Name and describe the roles of three teams within the organisation?




f.      Identify at least one multi-disciplinary team and describe their role.




g.     Identify two other organisations with which the organisation works and describe one of the relationships between the two organisations.




1.     Legal/Ethical


You are treating a patient that requests you do not complete a patient report. You state that it is an organisation requirement that a patient report is completed. They offer you $200 for you not to complete the report. You suspect that they may be an illegal immigrant and this is the reason that they don’t want a report completed.


What would you do?





Is deciding to accept or not accept the money a legal or ethical issue?





2.     Conflict


A patient comes into your first aid post and is aggressive. They have just has a major fight with their partner and they have a cut to their leg which is bleeding profusely. They blame you for the fight they have just had with their partner, but you are not sure why.


What would you do?






If the conflict remains unresolved when they leave the first aid post, what would you do?










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