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1. Explain what the problem of evil is according to Evodius in his conversation wi 2. Augustine explains that there are 2 kinds of evil. State these two kinds of evil according to Augustine 3. For which of the two kinds of evil is God responsible? 4. Which of the two evils preoccupies Augustine and Evodius? 5. What is the source of evildoing according to Augustine? 6. How does Augustine define inordinate desire? 7. Why is adultery evil according to Augustine? 8. After discussing adultery, Augustine explains why it is evil of a slave to kill his master out of fear of being killed. How does Augustine show that the action of the slave is evil? 9. In book I. 4. Augustine defines cupidity as The love of those things that one can lose against ones will. Explain the meaning of this quote. 10. What is a good will according to Augustine (Hint: it is composed of4 virtues) 11. Is the will a good thing?/Why did God give humans a will?/What if God had not given humans a will. What would have been the result? 12. Why didnt God just prevent evil according to Augustine? 13. In book III. Evodius is worried about the tension between Gods infinite knowledge and human freedom. Explain this tension and state how Augustine response to it. 14. J. L. Mackie points out that evil is a problem for religious people. Why does he think so? 15. Mackie is critical of the idea that God exists and evil also exists. What argument does he offer to show that it is irrational to believe in God and the existence of evil at the same time?
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