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1. F or the following examples of real data, decide which distribution or distributions would be appropriate to use for modeling. In each case, write the interpretation for the parameters of the distribution(s) and give at least one example of what such a distribution could tell us if it were used in a model a) A bank is interested to know how many of its accounts are closed each month. The data team manager has access to the number of accounts that close and the total number of accounts for a given month b) A wildlife monitoring company is tracking the numbers of a rare species of shorebird present in a region in Hawaii. They have a monthly record of the number of birds observed in three separate nesting areas. c) USA Today wants to know how the GPAs of freshmen at UCSC change from quarter to quarter and year to year. They have the GPAs of over 100 students that were interviewed around campus each quarter over the course of five years.

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