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Question: 1 find the amount on the original price tag on...

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1. Find the amount on the original price tag on a shirt, selling for $25.50 in a sale offering a 25% discount?

i know the asnwer is 34 but i dont know how.

2. What is the length of the diagonal of a square with side length 8 cm ? Give your answer correct to 1 decimal place.


3.A photocopier is bought for $20 000 and depreciates in value by 6% each year. What will the value of the photocopier be after 8 years?


4.Lachy invests $100 000 for 4 years into an account which pays an annual interest rate of 12% compounded quarterly.

(a) Find the amount in the account at the end of the 4 years.


(b) Find the interest earned.



5.A real estate agent earns 

212212% commission on the first $250000 of sales and 114114% on the remainder. When he sold a house he earned $11 250 in commission. Form an equation and hence find the selling price of the house.

asnwer: 650000

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