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Question: 1 find the value of m such that d1 d2...

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1. find the value of m, such that D1, D2, D3 meet each other at one point.
D1: x-y=1
D2: 2x+y=5
D3: (2m-5)x-my=3
a. 1/5
c. 3/5

2. A right spherical triangle has two angles measuring 30 and 60 degrees, respectively. What is the measure of the third angle?

a. (흖) coS COS4

b.an^{-1}left ( rac{sqrt{3}}{4} ight )


d.cot^{-1}left ( rac{4}{sqrt{3}} ight )

3. the product of the first three terms in a geometric sequence is 8000. if the first term is 4, find the second and third term

a. 20, 100

b. 251.984, 7.937

c. 10, 200

d. 7.937, 251.984

4. find the area bpunded by the curve y=1/x with an upper limit of y=2 and lower limit of y=10

a. 1.31

b. 1.41

c. 1.51

d. 1.61

5. two yachts started from the same port at the same time. Yacht A sails at a velocity of 9 miles per hour 34^{circ}44'7'' due west and yacht B sails at a velocity of 6 miles per hour 25^{circ}13'53'' due west. after 40 minutes, how far apart are they from each other

a. 30 mi

b. 28 mi

c. 5.477 mi

d. 5.291 mi

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