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1. Gears Select gearing to form a gear train to increase torque from 2in-lbf to 23.0in-lbf. Show all work. Specifications • Specify gears from Stock Drive (www.sdp-si.com), they must be in imperial units (inches) • Gear Material: 303 SS • Diametral Pitch: 32 • Pressure Angle: 20deg • Hub Style: With Hub • Face Width: 0.1875” • Gear 1, Number of Teeth: 12 (Stock Drive P/N: S1084Z-032S012) • Gear 4, Number of Teeth: 92 (Stock Drive P/N: S1084Z-032S092) • Gear 2 and Gear 3 share the same axis of revolution • Gears 1 and Gear 4 are on shafts independent from each other and Gears 2 and 3 • The rotation axis of each gear is parallel to the others


1. Calculate the Gear Ratio for the gear train. 2. Write the Gear Ratio equation for the gear train. 3. Calculate the required ratio for Gear 3 to Gear 2. 4. Selected gears from Stock Drive that correspond to the specifications above a. Include relevant gear data with your deliverables. Only state the necessary values b. Do not include the data for the defined gears in the Boundary Conditions sections

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