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1. Given the curve represented by f(x)( 2. Given (x + y)-r+y, determine dyld at x y 3. Ideal Gas Law states that pV mRT, where p represents the pressure at which the gas is subjected in -x)3(5-z?), determine the slope ofa line tangent to this curve at r- -1. Show all your work, and use one of the calculators allowed in this course for your calculations Pa, Vis the volume occupied by the gas in m, Tis the absolute temperature of the gas in K, m is the mass of the gas in kg, and R is the constant of the gas. Provided that Ideal Gas Law is used to determine the pressure in a given gas by means of measuring the dimensions of the gas container to determine its volume, using a thermocouple to measure the gas temperature, and using a precision scale to find the mass of the gas, determine the maximum possible percentage error in the gaspressure (dpp%) if it is known that the percentage error in the volume, temperature and mass measurements are 0.8 %, 0.3 %, and 0.75 %, respectively Determine dz/dt for the two following mathematical relations: 4. b) z = χ2Уз + y cosx, x = In(t2), y = sin (4t) Notice that for this problem it is necessary to apply the chain rule as described next: If z f (x, y),x-g(t), and y hy) then: dz af dx of dy dt ax dt dy dt
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