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1. How can engineers help avoid catastrophes, such as the Jonestown flood, the Kansas City hotel walkway, Challenger? Briefly describe each of these incidents (1 sentence each). What might be some common root causes for these events? (1 sentence) Can we plan for failure? Can we learn from failure? 2. An object weighs 20 lb at a location where the acceleration of gravity is 30.5 ft/s2 (gravity acting vertically). Determine the magnitude of the net force (lb) required to accelerate the object horizontally at 25 ft/s2 3. A car weighing 3000 lb tows a single axle two-wheel trailer weighing 1500 lb at 60 mph. There are no brakes on the trailer, and the car, which by itself can decelerate at 0.7g, produces the entire braking force. Determine the force applied to slow the car and trailer. Determine the deceleration of the car and the attached trailer. How far do the car and trailer travel in slowing to a stop? How many seconds does it take to stop? 4. An electric heater draws a constant current of 6 A, with an applied voltage of 220 V for 10 hours. Determine the total amount of energy supplied to the heater by electrical work, in kWh

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