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Question: 1 identify the following systems in one or two words...

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1. Identify the following systems in one or two words only I. This system in a building regulate the dry-bulb air temperature, humidity and air quality by adding or removing heat energy. I This system reduce the amount of air conditioning provided at night by allowing the interior temperature to drift naturally to a marginal temperature during the night and then to recondition it to normal conditions in the morning in the space. at the end of its useful life. II This system automatically adjust light levels based on the amount of daylight IV. This cost is the revenue (or expense) attributed to disposing of the investment V. This demand response system requires direct control of activation time of the VI. This pricing scheme is more appealing for the customers having battery storage VII In this scheme, the utility charges $0.65/kWh for peak period in warmest appliances. options. month and for the other months of the year, the utility charges $0.45/kWh for peak period. VII Maintenance of low value of this parameter attracts penalty from electric utility in electricity bill.

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