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1). If the concentrations and corresponding absorbance values of your standard solutions were as follows:

Concentration in M










What would be your calculated molar absorptivity constant (in cm-1M-1) (assuming a path length of 1.00 cm).

Use Excel to calculate, then report your answer to 2 decimal places, do not use units, do not us scientific notation.  

2). Which concentration for your personal solution is probably more accurate and why?


Both concentrations are equally valid. It doesn't matter that they don't agree.


The concentration as calculated from the mass and volume is the most accurate. You know the mass down to two decimal places and the volume to 5 significant digits.


Neither can be said to be more accurate as you never really know an exact concentration without titrating it.


The concentration derived from the Beer's Law data. This comes from a highly sophisticated instrument and must be the most accurate.

3). When someone made their personal solution, they used 1.29 grams of copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate and the 100.00 mL volumetric flask. Their Beer's Law data indicates a concentration of 0.044 M. What is the percent error between the two concentrations?  Report your answer to 2 sig figs. Do not use units. Do not use scientific notation.  

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