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1) Ifv 103 sin (wt + 25) and i - 10 cos (wt - 30) find (a) the maximum of each signal, (b) the rms of each signal, (c) the phasor and rectangular representation of each signal. (d) Is the circuit inductive, resistive or capacitive? (e) If the circuit has a pure resistance and a pure inductance (or capacitance, based on your response to (d), and the two elements are in series with each other, find the values of elements. 2) A single phase ac voltage of 240 V is applied to a series circuit with impedance of 10 ohms with the phase of 45 degrees. Find R.ХР, a s, and power factor of the circuit. 3) A single phase inductive load draws 10 MW at 0.6 power factor lagging. Draw the power triangle and determine the reactive power of a capacitor to be connected in parallel with the load to raise the power factor to 0.85 4) Two machines E1 and E2 are connected together with an impedance Z in between. If E- 100 0° V, E,-100£30° V, and Z = 1 + j5 determine: a. If each machine is generating or consuming active power b. If each machine is generating or consuming reactive power. c. Active and reactive power consumed by the impedance.

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