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1. In this problem, we use b) t subtract the Taylor expansion of f(o +h) from the Taylor expansion of f(xo - h)). (Hint: roblen, we use approximate f(ro), i.e. f(xo) (A). Show, using the Taylor expansions of both f(oh) and f(o h), that the leading term of the error is (B). Write a Matlab prograrn to compute the actual errors for f(x)-e2 , zo,-1.2, and h-10- 1,,20, and the approximation given by this problem. Draw the graphs of the actual errors and the leading term of error (C). For Part (B), estimate (similar to what I did in class for the Euler approximation) the h value when the approximation error is the dominant error, and the h value when the round off error is the dominant error.
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