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1. In which section of ACI 318-14 can you find the equation relating fe to the stiffness modulus (Ec) of normal-weight concrete? 2. What phi factor would be used for a beam with reinforcing steel strain of 0.0045 at failure? 3. Calculate the flexural capacity of the beam below. Then calculate the maximunm ultimate distributed load that this beam could carry over a simply supported span of 30 feet. 10 28 3#8bars 2.5 fy 60 ksi; fo 4 ksi 4. Design a 20-ft long, simply supported beam according to ACI-318-14 requirements. In addition to its own weight, the beam is meant to carry a 40 kip point service live load at midspan. The compressive strength of the concrete should be 5000 psi with Grade 60 rebar. The architect says the beam can only be 18 from top to bottom, but the width is not limited. Include a sketch of the final design cross-section. 40 kip 10 ft 10 ft
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