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1.- Initially, a large tank with a capacity of 100 gallons contains 50 gallons of clean water. A salt solution with A concentration of 5 lb / gal flows into the tank at a rate of 20 gal / min. The solution is perfectly well mixed while extracting solution at a rate of 10gal / min. Find: 1) the amount of salt in the tank at the time it is full (in pounds). 2) The speed at which salt is coming out at that moment (in pounds per minute). 3) The amount of salt that has left the tank from the beginning and until that moment (in pounds).

2.- A tank initially has 300 gallons of clean water, but a salt solution of unknown concentration is poured into a rate of 2 gallons per minute. If at the same time it is poured, solution is extracted at the same speed and after 35 minutes the concentration in the tank was 0.4 pounds of salt per gallon, determine the concentration of the poured solution (in pounds per gallon).

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