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1. Is this world Enough for a genuinely good life? Consider the following two views:

a. "To protect a supernatural realm and being is to demote the real in favor of an imagined ideal; it is to betray an unwillingness to accept one's humanness, one's morality, and physical nature. Those who have not learned a full appreciation of this life may feel a need for another, and those who insist upon perfection will create for themselves a perfect fantasy. According to naturalism, such impulses are understandable but mistaken. For those who are alive to their own natural being, this world is enough." (Chapter 5, P. 154)

b. "... without grounding in that which transcends this world, our lives are ultimately hollow and pointless, lacking in true meaning. We may find ways to enjoy ourselves; we may become wealthy and live comfortably; we may gain the admiration and respect of others; we may be regarded by most people as successful in everything we do. But without God, our lives will be like empty pantomimes, gestures without feeling. In itself, this world is not enough." (Chapter 6, P. 190)

Which statement do you more nearly agree with? Why?

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