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Question: 1 legalethical you are treating a patient that requests you...

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1.     Legal/Ethical


You are treating a patient that requests you do not complete a patient report. You state that it is an organisation requirement that a patient report is completed. They offer you $200 for you not to complete the report. You suspect that they may be an illegal immigrant and this is the reason that they don’t want a report completed.


What would you do?





Is deciding to accept or not accept the money a legal or ethical issue?





2.     Conflict


A patient comes into your first aid post and is aggressive. They have just has a major fight with their partner and they have a cut to their leg which is bleeding profusely. They blame you for the fight they have just had with their partner, but you are not sure why.


What would you do?






If the conflict remains unresolved when they leave the first aid post, what would you do?








3.     Identifying an improvement


Identify one area where the guidelines for completing patient records could be improved. Write an email to the manager responsible for maintaining the guidelines putting forward your reasons for the change.

















Assuming the manager agrees to the change you have proposed, how would you promote the changes to the guidelines.








4.     Child Protection


You are treating a child who has extensive bruising on their arms and back. The child will not explain how they received the bruising. You suspect that the child may be subject to abuse at home.


What is your duty of care to the child?




Are you required to report your suspicion of abuse to police?




To whom would you report your suspicions?




Do you have to have consent of the child before reporting your suspicions?



5.     Use of social media


A Facebook friend of yours works in the same organisation as you. They post on the Facebook page the following message:


My workplace sucks. They provide first aid to everyone .. gays, blacks. I don’t think we should have to treat everyone.


What would you do?









6.     Renegotiating timeframes


A work colleague has asked you to complete a report within the next 2 days. It is impossible for you to complete the report within this timeframe. Describe the steps you would follow and what you would say to your colleague to resolve this issue.











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