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Question: 1 let w be the set of all points xx...

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1. Let W be the set of all points X(x, y, z) in R3 which have the same distance from P(2,2,5) and Q(-3,4,1) (a) Show that a point X(x, y, z) belongs to W if and only if its coordinates satisfy the equation 10-4y +8z-7. - Draw a schematic sketch of the situation and determine by inspection b) Find the midpoint M of P and Q, and show that it belongs to W, by checking that it (c) Put r-(0,2,1), s-(2,5,0, and let V span r, s be the span of r and s. If what W looks like. satisfies the equation in part (a). t point in W (,3,3), show that every x + v, with ve V arbitrary, is the position vector of a

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