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Question: 1 list the organs of the urinary system 2 describe...

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1.     List the organs of the urinary system.

2.     Describe the main functions of the kidneys.

3.     Describe the location and external anatomy of the kidneys.

4.     Describe the structure of the nephron.

5.     Describe the three processes necessary for urine formation.

6.     Describe the components that make up the filtration membrane.

7.     Describe the role of various regions of the nephron in terms of reabsorption and secretion.

8.     Explain how substances are able to move across the cell membrane of the nephron.

9.     Describe the specific movement of glucose across.




5. How does each part of a nephron contribute to urine formation and excretion of wastes?

6. What do we reabsorb from urine during its production?
7. What do we secrete into the urine as it is being produced?





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