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1. Medicare covers beneficiaries who are elected to pay a premium for coverage. and have A. entitled to Social Security B. entitled to Railroad Retirement disability C. most persons who have ESRD D. both A and C E. all of these are correct 2. Under Medicare Part A, covered items in an inpatient hospital include the following EXCEPT A. room and board. B. physician services C. drugs and biologicals. D. blood products. 3. True or False: Medicaid provides medical coverage for all persons who are poor 4. True or False: Collectively the commercial payers (BCBS, United Health, etc.) insure more people than Medicare and Medicaid combined 5. True or False: To be eligible to elect hospice care under Medicare, an individual must be entitled to Medicare Part A and be certified as being terminally ill. 6. Medicare Part B covers which of the following (circle all that applyl: A. Medically necessary services B. Ambulance Service C. DME D. Semi-private roonm E. Skilled Nursing 7. Medicare Part D covers which type of services? A. Prescription Drug Coverage B. Supplemental Medical Insurance C. Hospice Care D. Inpatient Hospital Coverage 8. Explain the differences between TRICARE and CHAMPVA programs provided for the military personnel and their families 9. What is Indian Health Services and how are these services delivered? 10. True or False: The federal government requires each state to determine Medicaid eligibility standards and scope of services; as a result, a person with a specific income may qualify for Medicaid in one state but may not qualify in another state
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