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Question: 1 name the three types of sedimentary rocks 2 name...

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1) Name the three types of sedimentary rocks.

2) Name five qualitative categories helpful to describe a sedimentary rock. In your own words, define the variability that exists for each category. For example:

-Rounding: Describes the extent to which the edges of a clast have been smoothed. Rounding varies from angular (sharp edges) to sub-angular, sub-rounded and rounded (very smooth edges).

3) Name and describe three sedimentary structures.

4) Look up the ternary diagram. Can you figure out how this is used ("yes" or "no")?

5) Pick an environment/facies and describe what lithologies and sedimentary structures you might find there.

6) Does diagenesis occur before or after sediment has been deposited?

7) What is an example of a biogenic sedimentary structure? In what environment could it be deposited/formed?

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