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Question: 1 of 2 use ywater9810 nm2 as default specific weight...

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1 of 2 Use Ywater-9810 N/m2 as default specific weight of water.) I. (10 points) The 280 kg, 6 m wide rectangular gate shown is hinged at B and leans against the floor at A making an angle of 45° with the horizontal. The gate is to be opened from its lower edge by applying a normal force at its center. Determine the minimal force F required to open the water gate. 0.5m Waler 2. (10 points) As shown, a round viewing window of diameter D- 0.8 m is situated ina large tank of scawater (specific gravity S-1.03). The top of the window is 1.2 m below the water surface, and the window is angled at 60 with respect to the horizontal. Find the hydrostatic force acting on the window and locate the comesponding center of pressure (CP) Window Sea water 60 3. (10 points) Determine the hydrostatic force F on the triangular gate, which is hinged at the bottom edge and held by the reaction (force) Rr at the upper corner. Express Fin terms of x h, and W. Also determine the ratio RiF. Neglect the weight of the gate. Hinge
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