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(1 point) 4 Consider the mixing process shown in the figure. A mixing chamber initially contains 3 liters of a clear liquid. Clear liquid flows into the chamber at a rate of 10 liters per minute. A dye solution having a concentration or 0.75 kilograms per liter is injected into the mixing chamber at a constant rate of r liters per minute. When the mixing process is started, the well- stirred mixture is pumped from the chamber at a rate or 10 r liters per minute (a) Develop a mathematical model for the mixing process. Let Q represent the amount of dye in kilograms in the mixture. 75r-Q/3 (r+10) ¡¡¡ kg / min dt (b) The objective is to obtain a dye concentration in the outflow mixture of 0.6 kilograms per liter. What injection rate r is required to achieve this equilibrium solution? T 40 EEE L/min Would this equilibrium value of r be different if the fluid in the chamber at timet 0 contained some dye? no (c) Assume the mixing chamber contains 3 liters or clear liquid at time t-0. How many minutes will it take ror the outnow concentration to rise to within 5% of the desired concentration of 0.6 kilograms per liter? E min

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