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(1 point) Giventan(α) =-d and π/2 < α < π, find the exact values of the remaining five trigonometric functions Note: You are not allowed to use decimals in your answer sin(α)-| -(1 )(1 /2) cos(a 1/2 csc(a)= -(2sqrt3)/3) sec(a)- 2 cot(a)--(sqrt3/3)
Previous Problem Problem List Next Problem (1 point) Rewrite the expression 4 log x 5 logr1) 3 log(r 1) as a single logarithm log A. Then the function A-4log(x)-5 (xA2+1) +3 log
(1 point) In this problem you need to get everything right to get credit. The idea is that you go over everything an think about the whole context. Use the preceding problem as a guide Suppose 12 sin(u)- and cos(u) is negative. Note that cos u is a rational number. I recommend you enter fractions below cos(u) - tan(u) - sin(-u) - cos(-u)- sin(11 +π) cos(11 + π) tan(11 + π) sin (- tan(u + 4) -
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