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1 points ZEngMt 1.2.013 My Notes Ask Your y = cio + e2e-x ǐs a two-parameter family of solutions ofthe second-ordar DE y-У = 0. Find a solution of the second-ordar IVp consisting of this differential aquaton and tha given initial conditions. eBook Submit Anawr Sava Prograss Practica Anothar Varsion 4 -1 points 2EngMath8 1.2.041 My Notes Ask Your у С, cos 2x + c2 san 2x two para meter amily of solutions of the ฐecond order DE y + 4y calad boundary conditions. (if not possibla, anter IMPOSSIBLE O f possible find a solution o the differential equation hat satisfies the gr en side conditions The condition, specif ed at different ports are cBook 5 -M points Z1 EngMath 1.2.043 My Notes Ask Your cx)nx)is caled boundary conditions. (If not possible, enter IMPOSSIBLE.) to-prameter family of solutions of the second-order DE + 9y-0 If possible, find a olution of the differential equation that satiafies the given side conditions. The conditions specified at two different paints are cBook

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