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Question: 1 president reagan supported a strong and activist federal...

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1. President Reagan supported *

a strong and activist federal government

B. devolution and the new federalism

C. general revenue sharing

d. the reproductive rights of women

2. Because of the Great Compromise *

A. the slave trade ended in 1808

B. the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution in 1791

C. Today, a state with 35 million residents has the same representation in the Senate as a state that has 500,000

D. The tenth Amendment was added to the Constitution to protect the powers of the states

3. Express powers are *

A. the powers delineated in Articles I, II and III of the Constitution of 1787

B. the rights of the people as they are expressed in the Bill of Rights

C. the powers of the executive branch

D. the powers reserved to the states by the 10th Amendment

4. Redistributive programs are... *

A. programs that are transferred from the federal to the state governments

B. program that benefit the rich

C. programs that uses taxes on the rich to benefit the poor

D. programs that have been cut by the federal government

5. The First Amendment protects... *

A. The right to life, liberty and property

B. Freedom of religion and expression

C. Equality

D. The right to a fair trial

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