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Question: 1 read a file containing 5 books 2the 5 books...

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1. Read a file containing 5 books. 2.The 5 books should contain the following: book_name, book_ author, publish_ date, total number of sentences, total number of words, grade level it could be any grade level 3. Keep your main/(..), as simple as possible. Output: Summary for each book and how it should look like I just want the format of doing this, so I want only one procedure done and nothing else. I will apply whatever the answer may be into doing the rest of the books. Also the sample of how to do this could be from any, it doesnt have to be accurate. For example the title could be anything so as the author, publish date etc... 81: Title:xx Author: xxx Publish date:xxx # of words per sentence: xx average reading level: 8.3 B2: Repeat for book2, till book 5
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