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1. Read and comment a full paragraph
I chose to discuss how customer data is collected and how it impacts the retailer and customer. The article from unit 2 talked about companies performing affordable research and data collection using in-store kiosks. Unattended kiosks collect consumer intercept survey responses through a wireless internet connection. This allows for 25-50% savings in data collection costs on large scales. With this data now affordable, retailers can use the data collected to support and make key strategic decisions like sales forecasting, store impact analysis, product and service research, and customer service research. By obtaining consumer data, retailers are fueled to carry on other studies that measure consumer satisfaction and attitudes, brand strength and attributes, and shifts in consumer prefer innovative ways companies collect data. ences and behavior. The article I found discusses other Business News Daily discusses how companies have built glopal businesses on consumer data. The most obvious ways are from customer activity on websites and social media pages. One of the more interesting methods is location-based advertising, which utilizes an internet connected devices IP address to build a personalized data profile. The data is used to target users devices with relevant, hyper personalized rtisements. Large companies will also dive into their own customer service records to see how past consumers have interconnected with their support and sales departments. When they d incorporating feedback about what worked and didnt work, what a customer liked and disliked, on a larger scale. Companies constantly changing hands in the data marketplace. What does all o this, they are can also acquire data or sell it to third party sources. Once this is done the data is this data collection mean for the consumers? It allows for companies to better understand and their customer demands. The digital manager of iheartraves Brandon Chopp says Our team has improved the customer experience by creating customized promotions and special offers based on customer data. Since each customer is going to have their own individual preferences, personalization is key Thi data can also be used to secure more sensitive information like financials or protect them from fraudulent attempts to steal their identity. I learned from this unit, that we as consumer have a huge impact on the strial market. Consumers will continue to have a growing expectation to receive highly personalized targeted communications through multiple channels. By continuing to understand the consumer, companies will in return continue to have large profits and satisfied loyal customers.

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Very interesting essy realy enjoyed reading ths as can relate I took a computer into syatems chs and learned a lot about how these companies use data to better serve their customers. ts going to be quite interesting to see how the grocery shopping experience will changed based off the data mining Kroger for example, is a huge player with this idea of using the data based upon things we buy We get coupons in the mail after shopping for the items that we typically buy or are subject to. I saw an article where one store is implementing data within their store for ease of shopping. The idea is that customers can use cellphones to locate items on the shelf all based off an RFID chip. Data is very interesting and I believe it can really help companies better serve their markets This is a very interesting essay and article. Consumer data is such a vital aspect of business today and it has a lot of interesting topics embedded inside of it. Certain tech companies like Facebook control such a huge and valuable resource with their data but as weve seen that can cause a real PR disaster. In addition there is an interesting balance from the point of view of consumers between convenience and privacy. It could be incredibly convenient for products to come to your door right as or before you know you need them: however, some market segments value their privacy more and therefore companies must be careful how they use the data they collect.I liked your article and essay it brought up many interesting points to think about.
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