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1) Sk8 is examining an invoice. The gross price of a skateboard is $109.00, and the invoice states it received a trade discount of 15% and quantity discount of 10% as well as a loyalty discount. However, the amount of the loyalty discount is unspecified.
a. If Sk8 paid $80.88 for the skateboard, what is the loyalty discount percent?
b. If the loyalty discount is applied after all other discounts, what amount of loyalty dollars does Sk8 save per skateboard?
2) Daisy is trying to figure out how much negotiating room she has in purchasing a new car. The car has an MSRP of $34,995.99. She has learned from an industry insider that most car dealerships have a 20% markup on selling price. What does she estimate the dealership paid for the car?
3) A snowboard has a cost of $79.10, expenses of $22.85, and profit of $18.00.
a. What is the regular unit selling price?
b. What is the markup amount?
c. What is the markup on cost percentage?
d. What is the markup on selling price percentage?
e. What is the break-even selling price? What is the markup on cost percentage at this break-even price?
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