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1. Some short answers (a) What is an asymptotically tight upper bound on the recurrence (n) 4T, (n/3) + 0(n2), T (1)-0(1)? And for the recurrence T2 (n)-27T2(n/3) O(n2), T3(1)-O(1)? (b) Eureka! A woman named Nessarts figured out how to multiply 4 × 4 matrices using 32 scalar mul- tiplications and 67 additions and subtractions. She finds that the elements of the matrix dont have to be scalars_ her method also works on large matrices split into 16 blocks (4 x 4). How fast can she multiply n x n matrices? (You can assume n is a power of a convenient number and use asymptoti<c notation.) (c) In a max-flow problem, we have found a minimum cut and it contains an edge e. Prove or give a (d) Express the problem of maximizing min(x+y, y+w, 3r+w) where r+y+w 1 as a linear program (e) In the vertex cover problem, the input is an undirected graph G - (V, E) and the goal is to find the counterexample: If we increase the capacity of e, the value of the max flow will increase smallest set SCVof vertices such that every edge touches a vertex in S. Here as an integer linear program for this problem min Vv E V,x, E 0,(*) Describe how to use a solution to the linear program, with the integrality constraints (*) replaced by 0 u 1, to provide a 2-approximation for the vertex cover problem on a general (non-bipartite) graph. (You are not allowed to look at the graph, only the values of xu in your algorithm.)

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