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1) Specific heat circuit analogy Consider a thermos filled with hot water. Water has high heat capacity and will maintain a mostly constant interior temperature. The material of the thermos has high thermal resistance and negligible specific heat, and the air around the thermos is at room temperature. Recall from week 3 the analogy of heat transfer to circuits for heat conduction AT. like voltage ke current he resistance1) KA Where ΔT, is the temperature difference between water inside and air outside, in kelvin is the heat flux out, in watts If the heat stored in the water is given by q = mer37. Where is the heat energy stored in the water, in joules m is the mass of the water, in kilograms is the specific heat capacity of water, in joules per kilogram kelvin This ΔT is the difference between water and room temperature, in kelvin. a) AT andfor the thermos heat storage situation (the Derive a relationship between formula should not contain L, k or A from the heat conduction case). In this analogy, is heat capacity more like capacitance specific heat stores thermal energy like how a capacitor stores charge or more like inductance specific heat makes temperature sluggish to change like how inductor current is sluggish to change b)
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