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1. Suppose that we would like to measure the effective sky temperature. We set up a 20 mm thick slab of polypropylene with one side tacing upward, as shown in the figure, place a heat source underneath it, let the system come to steady state, then measure the temperatures on the top and bottom of the slab and the ambient air temperature. We measure the local wind speed and calculate the convective heat transfer coefficient on the top of the slab from a correlation that we will see later in the course. We shield the slab from the sun, so the measurement isnt influenced by direct solar radi measure temperatures of 65 and an ambient air temperature of 30 °C on the bottom and top of the slab, respectively, and 25 oC. The thermal conductivity and emissivity of polypropylene are k -0.16 wom-K) and c-o97t. We calculate a convective heat transfer coefficient of 15 Wi(m2-K). Estimate the effective temperature of the sky under these conditions. E97 hee𠂇So.ereヒ 429.html http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/thermal-conductivity-d ttp://www.thermoworks.com/emissivity_table.html
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