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Question: 1 suppose x has normal distribution with mean 5 and...

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Section I (28 points Each problem in this section is worth two points. Please write only your final answer for each question. Note that for the last six problems, your answer should simply be True or False. Feel free to use the backs of pages (including the backs of the tables at the end of the exam) for any rough work. 1. Supposex has normal distribution with mean 5 and standard deviation 4. Find the probability that X> 1. 2. Define the term el of significance. 3. If Iroll a balanced die 200 times, find the probability that I will get exactly 30 fours. 4. Use a normal approximation to estimate the answer to the previous question. 5. If a club has 10 members, and we must select a president, vice-president and treasurer, how many ways are there to do it? 6. In the previous question, assuming that Bob is one of our members, how many of these ways result in Bob being president?
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