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1. The 2009 Municipal Census Results for the City of Lloydminster projected a total population of 58,069 in 2029. Lloydminsters population is split between Alberta and Saskatchewan The Saskatchewan portion of Lloydminster has about 35% of the total population of Lloydminster. Using the data given below (Statistics Canada Census data) prepare your own population estimates for the Saskatchewan portion of Lloydminster in 2030 using arithmetic, geometric, and logistic curve projections. Use a carrying capacity IK] of 20,000 and growth rate [r) of 0.04 for the logistic calculations. Using the equations developed for each projection, calculate the populations for each year id the table below. Comment upon your results and compare them to the projected community population using correlation to the Saskatchewan portion. HISTORICAL POPULATION OF Lloydminster, SK Year 1996 2001 2006 2011 2016 Population 7, 636 7, 840 8,410 11,765 12, 104 Source: Statistics Canada
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