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Question: 1 the benefits of addressing older adults health needs through...

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1) The benefits of addressing older adults’ health needs through a collaborative relationship include all of the following except:

Collaboration promotes client autonomy and empowerment

Clients can learn about their options which will inform their actions

The chances of adhering to the medical therapies and treatments are improved

Physicians can make treatment decisions without involving the client


As the hospital social worker you are advising your older client on decisions about end-of-life care. In order to promote a collaborative relationship with this client, you should:

Help the client understand all of his options regarding care and answer any questions

Tell the client to do whatever you think is best, based on your expertise

Advise the client to not think about such depressing topics

Promote the least expensive and least invasive treatment modality


Which of the following statements, made by a physician, is the most client-centered?

With your permission, I would like to perform the ORIF on your hip

Based on my years of practice, I have decided to have you take this medication

I realize this intervention goes against your religious beliefs but it’s the best option for you.

Now that I have told you your options, tell me what questions come to mind


As the health educator at a local diabetes clinic, you have been tasked with starting a program that teaches people how to replace sugary foods with fruits and vegetables. Which of the following sequence of steps are you going to follow as you implement this new health promotion practice?

Evaluation, Leadership (vision), Goal setting, Intervention

Leadership (vision), Goal setting, Intervention, Evaluation

Intervention, Goal setting, Evaluation, Leadership (vision)

Evaluation, Intervention, Goal setting, Leadership (vision)


The art and science of educating adults, as opposed to children, is known as:



Geriatric pedagogy


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