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1) The most sought after competency by employers is ________.

A) Ethics/social responsibility

B) Leadership

C) Critical thinking/problem solving

D) Teamwork/collaboration

2) Which of the following competencies is a skill?

A) Conscientiousness

B) Work history

C) Excel proficiency

D) Agreeableness

3) Which job requires the highest level of emotional labor?

A) Certified financial accountant

B) Customer service representative

C) Financial analyst

D) Maintenance worker

4) Which of the following is not true of emotional intelligence (EQ)?

A) EQ remains consistent throughout one's lifetime

B) High EQ can predict high performance

C) EQ can be measured

D) Individuals have different levels of EQ

5) The traditional practice at work has been for employees to "leave your baggage at the door" which means when at work, don't bring any personal emotions or problems. By asking employees to divorce themselves from the emotions from events in their personal lives while at work, what are employers trying to minimize?

A) Emotional labor

B) Emotional contagion

C) Emotional spillover

D) Felt emotions

6) Which factor is positively correlated with performance?



C) Agreeableness

D) Emotional stability

7) Which personality measure is used in most Fortune 500 companies?

A) Big Five




8) Someone who often makes rash and hasty decisions would likely score high on the ________ dimension of personality.

A) Feeling

B) Sensing

C) Intuiting

D) Judging

9) Positive and constructive feedback increases ________.

A) Locus of control

B) Attitude

C) Self-efficacy

D) Machiavellianism

10) A student received a poor grade on an exam. Which thought will the student have if they have a high internal locus of control?

A) "I don't care about that class so it really doesn't bother me."

B) "I am not good in that subject. It's not in my major and I'm only taking it because I have to."

C) "I am going to change my study habits so that I can improve on the next exam."

D) "The teacher never taught us that material, so it's no surprise my grade was bad."

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