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1. The steel factory makes steel from iron ore and coal. Both iron and coal mines are near city A, while the demand for steel is in city B, which is 100 kilometers away. The factory makes 1 ton of steel from 1 ton of coal and 2 tonnes of iron to scale. Shipping 1 ton of goods (either raw materials or final products) incurs a terminal cost of $100 (the fixed cost incurred as long as one needs to ship something, no matter how far it is shipped) and $10 per kilometer a. Is the production of steel weight-losing or weight-gaining? (5 pts) b. Determine where the factory will be located in order to save as much as possible in shipping cost? Suppose that if the factory is built in city A, it has immediate access to coal and iron ore, no shipping cost involving raw materials is required. if the factor is built in city B, it has immediate access to the market, no shipping cost involving the final product is required. (10 pts) c. Now suppose that the coal mine near city A is depleted. Now coal is shipped to city B, which is also a major port city, from overseas. Suppose now if the factory is located in city B, it has imme- diate access to coal, no shipping cost is incurred. Determine where the facotry will be located in this new situation. (5 pts) ore. Shipping is costly and exhibits increasing returns

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