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1. The velocity of an object traveling along the x-axis changes from 20 m/s to 60 m/s in 10 seconds. What was the displacement that occurred during this time? 2. An object moving along the x-axis initially has a velocity of 60 m/s and is slowing rest? down at the rate of 4 m/s per second. How far (in meters) will it travel before coming to 3. An accelerating object travels 12 meters from rest in a certain time. How far (in meters) could it have traveled from rest in triple the time? 4. An objects initial velocity is 20 m/s and is accelerating. When the object has traveled 240 m, its velocity is 80 m/s. What is the objects acceleration (in m/s)? 5. Two cars initially separated by 1000 m are traveling away from each other. Car A is moving at 20 m/s and is accelerating at 4 m/s. Car B is moving at 10 m/s and is accelerating at 6 m/s. About how far (in meters) will Car A have traveled when the cars are 4000 meters apart? 6. A sailboat leaves a harbor and sails 1.8 km in the direction 65° south of east, where the captain stops for lunch. A short time later, the boat sails 1.1 km in the direction 15° north of east. What is the magnitude of the resultant displacement from the harbor?
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