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1. There are many simple experiments that can be performed to estimate r for a partic ular problem, and we encourage you to perform your own. The parts below discuss some experiments that we or our students have performed in the past. For each part, discuss conditions that are needed in order to satisfy the five assumptions for using the binomial distribution outlined in Section 1.1.1. (a) One of the first solid foods that infants can feed to themselves is the cereal Cheerios. Early on, infants often lack the dexterity in their fingers to pick up an individual Cheerio and put it into their mouth. In order to estimate the probability of success for one infant, an experiment was designed where a Cheerio would be set on an infants food tray for 20 successive trials at the dinner table. If the Cheerio made it into the infants mouth, the response for the trial was considered a success; otherwise, the response was considered a failure. Out of these 20 trials, there were 9 Cheerios that made it into the infants mouth. (b) In most billiards games, the person who breaks a rack of balls gets another turn if at least one ball is sunk, excluding the cue ball. This is advantageous for this person because there are a fixed number of balls that need to be sunk in order to win a game. In order to estimate one persons probability of success of sinking a ball on the break, there were 25 consecutive breaks performed in 8-ball billiards. Out of these 25, 15 breaks had a ball sunk. ) The germination rate is the proportion of seeds that will sprout after being planted into soil. In order to estimate the germination rate for a particula of sweet corn, 64 seeds were planted in a 3 x 4 plot of land with fertile soil. The seed packet stated that sprouts should emerge within 7-14 and care guidelines given on the seed packet were followed as closely as possible. After waiting for three weeks, 48 seeds had sprouted out of the soil. days, and all planting
(d) In order to estimate the proportion of residents in a town who drive alternative- fuel cars (e.g., electric, hybrid, or natural gas), a person records the number of cars passing through a certain intersection for a one-half hour time period. A total of 125 cars passed through the intersection at this time, where 14 were alternative-fuel vehicles.
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