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1. Think how you think about mathematics. If you meet a new nro which fts into a pattern that you recognise, your solution may f a time-honoured logical course, but if not,thenyour initial atz may follow thing but logical. Try these three problems and do your best be any keep track of the steps you take as you move towards a solution. (a) Johns father is three times as old as John; in ten years he will o to be twice Johns age. How old is John now? (b) A flat disc and a sphere of the same diameter are viewed from te same distance, with the plane of the disc at right angles to the line of vision. Which looks larger? (c) Two hundred soldiers stand in a rectangular array, in ten rows of twenty columns. The tallest man in each row is selected and of these ten, S is the shortest. Likewise the shortest in each column is singled out and T is the tallest of these twenty. Are S and T one and the same? If not, what can be deduced about the relative size of S and T?
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