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Question: 1 two faults trend 35060 and 21070 assuming the two...

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1. Two faults trend 350/60 and 210/70. Assuming the two faults formed within the same stress field, what are the orientations of the principal stressing that caused these faults to form? Show hand-drawn stereonet for this analysis.

2.2) Below is a map-View of a mine adit showing a series of minor faults that occur n a homogenous rock unit. The up-and-down-thrown sides of the faults are labeled with a U, and D, respectively. Plot the fault planes on a stereonet and determine the orientation of the principal stresses. Please show your analysis. Hint: The planes will broadly define two sets of planes, they are roughly conjugate. Plot the average plane for each set, and use them to solve this problem. Note that these are real data, and therefore are NOT going to be perfectly parallel and/or conjugate. (30 points) 15 28 D54 25 47 105 UID DIU 184

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