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1. Water gas shift reaction H2O + CO-> CO2+H2 H2O + H-> H2+OH OH + CO-> CO2+H The production rate has been measured and are, in some units of moles/(time.volume) он H20 Rco Co (1) If you choose the first two reactions as a linearly independent set, what are the two reaction rates? (2) Repeat the calculation if you choose the second and third reactions as the linearly independent set of reaction. (3) How can these reaction rates differ, when the production rates are the same?
2. Consider the two reactions A B The following production rates were observed in the laboratory for this mechanism: RA =-4.0 mole/(time volume), RB = 2.2 mole/(time volume), and Rc= 1.0 mole/(time volume (a) From these measurement, provide the reaction rates. (b) Write out the production rates for all the species in terms of the two reaction rates (c) Calculate the three production rates using the estimated reaction rates. Compare this result to the measured production rates. Comment on why the two sets of the production rates are or are not different from each other.
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