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Question: 1 web analytics show select one a how people...

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1.) Web Analytics show ___________.

Select one:

a. How people are finding the website

b. Why people are finding the website

c. What people do on the website

d. All the above

2.) There are two sides to web analytics jobs: analysis and implementation. Which of the following is not part of the analyst's job specifically?

Select one:

a. Create and maintain standardized reports and dashboards

b. Accurately report and track

c. Provide ongoing optimization, revenue opportunities, lost opportunity analysis to increase sales/revenue and customer satisfaction

d. Identify traffic and conversion trends

3.) When Zach was discussing all the online research tools, under which two sections was web analytics a part of?

Select one:

a. Qualitative and behavioral

b. Quantitative and attitudinal

c. Attitudinal and qualitative

d. Quantitative and behavioral

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