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Question: 1 what are the major parts of the brain 2...

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1. What are the major parts of the brain?

2. What are the main lobes, sulci and gyri of the cerebrum?

3. What connects the two cerebral hemispheres?

4. What advantage do convolutions give the cerebrum?

5. How do white matter and grey matter differ?

6. What are the roles of the thalamus and hypothalamus?

7. What are the roles of the brainstem?

8. What and where are the functional areas of the cerebrum?

9. What information does the cerebellum receive and how does it use this information?

10. Where does the spinal cord begin and end in adults?

11. Where do sensory and motor nerve roots enter and leave the spinal cord?

12. What are the divisions of the ANS and where do they emerge from the CNS?

13. Distinguish between somatic motor and autonomic motor neuron pathways

14. What are ganglia?

15. What affect does each part of the ANS have on the body?

16. What are the main endocrine organs?

17. What is negative feedback?

18. How does a neural stimulus differ from a hormonal one?

19. How does the nervous system influence the endocrine and vice versa?




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