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1)    What else do you think you need to do to further build your ‘cultural competence’?


2)    How could you create a welcoming environment for all families at the centre including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families? Why is this important?


3)    What could you do to learn about children’s family, their cultural heritage and events and celebrations that are important in their lives?


4)    What could you do to provide an environment that demonstrates respect and supports opportunities to develop relationships between children, families and other adults?


5)    Where could find out about community resources relevant to the service, the children and their families including local indigenous protocols?


6)    What communication techniques could you use when communicating with different cultural groups?


7)    How could you provide opportunities for all families to share their culture, heritage, background and traditions of their community within the service?


8)    How could you demonstrate respect for all home languages and expose children to different languages, encouraging appreciation of linguistic diversity and culture?


9)    How could you help promote children and families to develop relationships that celebrate diversity & understand alternative world views? (Respectfully accepting different types of families and their practices)


10)    How does the EYLF/VEYLDF guide our work with families?


11) Collect and review a copy of an anti-discrimination policy or inclusion policy from the children’s service.  Summarise the staff responsibilities under this policy?  Give an example of how the service demonstrates this policy in their everyday practice with children and families?


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