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Question: 1 what is the relationship between social cognitive and behavioral...

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1) What is the relationship between social, cognitive, and behavioral learning approaches?

A) These are the three approaches that comprise learning

B) These are different ways to conceptualize learning

C) These factors are interdependent

D) These factors are completely independent

2) You have just completed your first day of training by shadowing a senior employee at your new job. Much of the day's activities were centered on watching the employee run the cash register while you watched and listened as they explained each process to you. After this training, you feel confident that you will be able to run the register by yourself. Which learning perspective includes your belief in your ability to perform something that you have observed, such as your confidence in running the register on your own?

A) Behavioral

B) Cognitive

C) Imitation

D) Social

3) Contemporary organizations rely on learning for all but which of the following processes?

A) Solving problems

B) Innovation

C) Acting on knowledge

D) Guiding management

4) Amelia has spent two full days training at her new job. Her manager worked with her the first day and she watched and practiced on a register the second day with an experienced cashier. She now feels confident that she is ready to run a register on her own. Amelia's sense of self-determination and confidence is known as ________.

A) Performance expectation

B) Training completion

C) Self-efficacy

D) Overconfidence

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