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Question: 1 when hydrogen gas is heated it emits red light...

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1. when hydrogen gas is heated, it emits red light at a frequency of 4.568x10^14 Hz. Astronomers detect the hydrogen emission from the crab nebula to be 4.586x10^14Hz. Based on this information, how fast is that part of the nebula whose light we are detecting moving?

2. in modern medicine the doppler effect is routinely used to measure the rate and direction of blood flow in the arteries and veins. High frequency "ultrasound" is typically employed. Suppose you are in charge of measuring the blood flow in a vein that returns blood upward to the heart. her varicose veins indicate that perhaps the one-way valves in the vein are not working properly and that the blood is "pooling" in the veins and perhaps even that the blood flow is backward toward her feet. employing sound with a frequency of 50Hz, you point the sound source from above her thigh region down towards her feet and measure the sound reflected from that vein area to be lower than 50hx. (a)estimate the instruments frequency difference capability to enable you to measure speeds down to 6.00cm/s. take the speed of sound in the flesh to be the same as that in water, 1500 m/s.

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