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Question: 1 which characteristic of coulombs law is described or identified...

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1. Which characteristic of Coulombs law is described or identified by Newtons third law of (1 point) motion? Othe proportionality constant k the fundamental unit of charge of an electron or a proton Othe forces on two charges being equal in magnitude but opposite in direction Othe relationship between the magnitude of the force and the distance between charges 2. As shown in the diagram, three equal charges are spaced evenly in a row. The magnitude of point) cach charge is +2e, and the distance between two adjacent charges is 1.50 nm. Then the central charge is displaced 0.350 nm to the right while the other two charges are held in place. After the displacement, what is the magnitude and direction of the net force that the outer two charges cxcr on thc central chargc? 1.50 n 1.50 n +2e 04.27 x 10-10N to the right 4.27x 10 10 N to the left 3.20 x 10-10 N to the left 03.20 × 10-10 N to the right 3. How many clectrons must be added to a ncutral object to provide it a charge of-2.4 uC? (1 point) O2.4 x 1013 clectrons 01.5 x 1013 electrons 04.8 x 1012 clectrons 06.7 × 1014 electrons 4. The repulsive force between two protons has a magnitude of 2.00 N. What is the distance (l point) between them? 01.07× 10-14 m 01.28 x 10-38 m 07.19 x 10-10 m 02.68 × 10-4 m5. Two small spheres are spaced 20.0 cm apart and have equal negative charge. The force of N. How many excess electrons are present on each 21 repulsion between them is 4.57 x 10 sphere? O562 O9.14 x 103 01.01 x 1006 0891 6. In the nucleus of an atom, two protons are separated by a distance of 1 x 10-15 m. What is the magnitude of the electric force between them? 0115 N 720 N 0142 N O230 N 7. Two point charges are located on the y-axis as follows: charge q,-1.50 nC at y = 0.600 m and charge q 3.20 nC at the origin (y -0). What is the magnitude of the net force exerted by thesc two charges on a third chargc q3 +5.00 nC located at y0.400 m? O3.42 x 107 N 01.68 x 106N O2.59 x 106 N 4.56 x 10-7N 8. In an experiment in space, one proton is held in a fixed position. Then a second proton is released from rest at a distance of 2.50 mm from the fixed proton. What is the initial acceleration of the proton after it is released? 02.20 x 104 m/s2 O8.80 x 106 m/s2 O2.45 x 10 6 m/s2 O2.53 x 108 m/s2 9. Three point charges are arranged in a line. Charge q3 +5.00 nC and is located at the origirn Charge q2ーー3.00 nC and is located at x_ +4.00 cm. Charge q! is located at x = +2.00 cm. What is the magnitude of qi if the net force on q3 is zero? 00.750 nC 0.520 nC 00.975 nC 00.000 nC

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