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Question: 1 which of the following criteria does the biological species...

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1. Which of the following criteria does the biological species concept use as the primary means for defining a species?

a Morphological similarity between members
b Genetic similarity between members
c Actual or potential reproductive compatibility between members
d Similarity in ecological roles or niche between members

2. Which of the following mechanisms can alter the gene pool (genetic makeup) of a population over time? (choose all that apply)

a Differential reproductive success on members of the population
b Genetic drift occurring within the population
c Heritable mutations occurring over time within the population
d Random mating between members of a population

3. Match the following mode of speciation that can come about from the example given. Allopatric speciation or sympatric speciation

a. A lake slowly dries up isolating members of a fish species into various populations now disconnected from each other

b. Genetic duplication within a plant species now causes for individuals to be reproductively incompatible with members of the original population

c. A subset of an insect population emerges at higher temperatures than members of the original population such that they do not breed at the same time

d. Habitat preferences of a subset of a population slowly change from the original population, resulting in members breeding in different habitats within the same geographic area

e. An eight lane highway is built through habitat that now isolates members of a species of snail on either side

4. Within a hybrid zone, which of the following could lead to hybrid reinforcement? (choose all that apply)

a. Increased reproductive success of hybrids
b. Reduced viability of hybrids
c. Hybrid breakdown
d. Low hybrid fertility

5. A species of long extinct amphibian is unchanged in the fossil record for a few million of years. Beginning 10 million years ago, the species vanishes from the fossil record and is not found in any rocks dating younger than 10 million years old. Interestingly, at around the time in the fossil record where that species is no longer found, a new species “appears” that is very similar to the first species but slightly different. Which of the following models for evolution best explains this?

a. Special creation
b. Peadomorphosis
c. Gradualism
d. Punctuated Equilibrium
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