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Question: 1 which of the following represents the average number of...

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1). Which of the following represents the average number of customers in a line?









2). An M/M/2 queue has an arrival rate of 50 per hour and a service rate of 25 per hour. True or false: the queue will grow infinitely long?






Not enough information to tell

3). The staff at the New York Zoo ticket booths are able to distribute tickets and maps to 440 customers per hour; on a typical day, an average of 352 patrons arrive to enjoy the zoo every hour. At this time there is only a single ticket booth in use. At any given point in time, what is the probability that the ticket booth is busy?  (Provide your answer in decimal - not percentage - format, rounding to 2 digits; e.g. 0.50.). Also how long does the average zoo customer spend waiting in line at the ticket booth. Provide your answer in seconds and round to 1 decimal. The Zoo manager has decided to install a second window (M/M/2) with an identical service rate.  What is the probability that at least one of the two booths is helping a customer at any given time? (Provide answer in 4-digit decimal format as in the template, e.g., 0.7650)

4). At the Post Office, customers wait in a single line for the first open window. Customers enter the post office at an average of 100 per hour, and each window can serve an average of 45 people per hour. The post office estimates a cost of $10 for each minute that a customer waits in line and believes that it costs $30 per hour to keep a window open. What is the minimum number of windows that must be open to prevent the line from growing infinitely long? What is the optimal number of windows to keep open in order to minimize total hourly cost? What is the total hourly cost to operate at the optimal number of windows? (Round your answer to the nearest whole dollar.)

Help please out of almost 100 questions these are the only few that I am confused about. You help is greatly appreciated!!!

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